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MSc in Migration Studies alumna Bobbie Mills on perceptions of migration studies, including a preoccupation with the numbers: a view, she finds, that is shaped greatly by surrounding policy and media narratives

Experiencing what migration feels like through performance

Marieke van Houte urges leaders to reconsider what a real 'win-win' development scenario looks like for Afghanistan

MSc Migration Studies alumnus Jonathan Paul Katz examines the role of plain language in communication and its importance in communicating with people with disabilities, including migrants with disabilities – especially in interactions with local government

MSc Migration Studies alumna Aliyyah Ahad analyses the increasingly important role played by tech solutions - including those (co)designed by refugees themselves - in responding to the needs of today's refugees

MSc Migration Studies alumnus Tommaso Trillò shares some thoughts on his own experience of border crossing

As UN leaders gather in New York to mark the first anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals, we revisit this post from Oliver Bakewell, who considers whether the inclusion of migration in the Sustainable Development Goals raises more questions than it answers

Robtel Neajai Pailey urges world leaders to recognise the agency and humanity of those who migrate

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