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Visa restrictions and economic globalisation

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Eric Neumayer, (2017), Applied Geography, 84, 75 - 82

Examining the role of border closure and post-colonial ties in Caribbean migration

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Simona Vezzoli, (2017), Migration Studies, 1 - 22

Liberia’s run-up to 2017: continuity and change in a long history of electoral politics

Journal article

Robtel Neajai Pailey and David Harris, (2017), Review of African Political Economy, 1 - 14

International academic mobility across space and time: The case of Indian academics

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Sorana Toma, (2017), Population, Space and Place

The Gravity of High-Skilled Migration Policies

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Christopher R Parsons, (2017), Demography, 54, 603 - 630

Here be dragons: Mapping an ethnography of global danger

Journal article

Ruben Andersson, (2016), Current Anthropology, 6

How do post-colonial ties and migration regimes shape travel visa requirements? The case of Caribbean nationals

Journal article

Simona Vezzoli and Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2016), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1 - 23

The effect of visas on migration processes

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Hein de Haas, (2016), International Migration Review

'Refugee voices', new social media and politics of representation: Young Congolese in the diaspora and beyond

Journal article

Marie Godin and Giorgia Doná, (2016), Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees, 32(1), 60 - 71

The role of migration policy changes in Europe for return migration to Senegal

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux, (2016), International Migration Review

Do restrictive asylum and visa policies increase irregular migration into Europe?

Journal article

Mathias Czaika and Mogens Hobolth, (2016), European Union Politics, 1 - 21

Europe's failed ‘fight’ against irregular migration: ethnographic notes on a counterproductive industry

Journal article

Ruben Andersson, (2016), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(7), 1055 - 1075

African migration: trends, patterns, drivers

Journal article

Marie-Laurence Flahaux and Hein de Haas, (2016), Comparative Migration Studies, 4(1)

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